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Get Your Drink On

BAR 1200 isn’t a hotel bar. It’s a bar that happens to be in a hotel, befitting the personality and reputation of Sunset Marquis. BAR 1200 is a destination not just for Sunset Marquis guests, but for locals who want an intimate, private setting that serves world-class cocktails. It’s a place where celebrations are held, old friends reconnect, and new friendships are formed.

You want cozy? The interior fits about 40 people while the patio allows 25 more.
And if you feel a little extra buzz in the air, that’s not just the bourbon doing its job. This space has a history that rivals any.

Lyrics scribbled on napkins and rushed underground to Nightbird Studios below to record a hit song. Icons serving shots behind the bar to calm nerves after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Rock stars being introduced to future supermodel ex-wives. Academy Award-winning actors, directors, and writers conspiring on projects. Impromptu jam sessions among unlikely drinking partners…

If you listen closely, someone’s sure to tell you a tale. Better yet, you may go home with a story of your own, a “BAR 1200 souvenir.”


1200 Alta Loma Road,
West Hollywood, CA 90069


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